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«His heart was hers, and yet my heart was his.»

-A Ten Word Story #6 (040914)

«I’m afraid because I know that sometimes people disappoint you.»

-ten-word-story, #38 (via acupofkeen)

«I still trace the bruises you left on my heart.»

-10 words for you (#1)

«This alcohol numbs everything except all my thoughts of you.»

-Ten Word Poem (via apositivedisaster)

«I love you tonight and I’ll love you tomorrow, too.»

-Ten Word Story (via dannybun)

«If only I could roll over and feel you here.»

-10 word story (via veemarieeee)

«Funny how an impatient person is willing to wait forever.»

-ten word story #1, V.I. (via vaguelyinked)

«We become the people we promised we’d never turn into.»

-Ten Word Story #25 - Ming D. Liu (via mingdliu)

«Loving you is suicidal. I wonder why I’m still alive.»

-10-Word Story #31 (N.A.)

«The stars always remind me how much I miss you.»

-10-Word Story #32 (N.A.)

«I don’t think you quite understand what you do to me.»

-A small-ish story by Air  (via wordishly)

«I did not expect to be fucked over by you»

- ten word story (via lost-but-sometimes-found)

«You’re really fucking attractive, and I am a garbage can.»

«My fear is reality catching up before my dreams do.»

-A Ten Word Story #9 (041014)

«You pressed daggers through my soul and claimed it yours.»

-ten-word-story, #39 (via acupofkeen)